360 Stereoscopic 3D Video Production

360 Stereoscopic Video Production Service

vr 360 3d sterescopic video

We are Thailand’s experts when it comes to fully stereoscopic 360 Video productions. We produce full 360 videos with stereoscopic 3D effects for today’s most immersive experience. Our cutting-edge 360 filming service creates immersive 360 videos and virtual tours in Bangkok and around Thailand. We use modern multi-camera rigs that are able to record in 3D, not only 360 degree such as cheap consumer level cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 camera. We also use some state of the art cameras such as the Hubblo VR for real stereoscopic 3D 360 videos in 4K. Our video are compatible with all the major headsets available (such as the HTC Vive, Oculus, Google Cardboard headsets, Android iOS, etc.) and can also be played back in a browser if no headset is available.

360 Stereoscopic 3D Video Production in Bangkok, Thailand.

360 video production and VR 3d equipment rental for exhibition shows, conferences and events in Bangkok and around Thailand:

360 experiences are a great way to wow your your potential clients at exhibition shows and other events. We produce an immersive 360 video for you, that could be a walkthrough, tutorial, walk-around and introduction of your product or even a VR experience where people experience your product.

We use professional grade equipment, expert 360 directors/producers, spatial audio specialist and experienced crew to give you a top quality 360 video. We do not use any amateur, consumer level products like the Samsung Gear 360 or other cheap 360 cameras. These cameras do NOT provide stereoscopic video for 3D effects which makes the videos look bland on any headset.

gopro 12 camera 3d 360 rig

Event live streaming in 360 degree and stereoscopic 3D:

We can provide equipment to live stream your event in 360 and let people watch it with a 3D headset or in their browser without a headset. This is a fantastic feature for live music events, sport event and many other usage cases.

360 video post production:

We provide a one-stop solution for 360 3D videos. That includes full post-production including editing, spatial sound mixing and finishing. We are able to provide the full package for your project.

VR 360 equipment rentals:

Now you have a fantastic 360 video but how do make people experience it as intended? We provide a wide range of equipments that can be rented for example for exhibition shows. The best quality VR headset of today is the HTC Vive which even beats the Oculus Rift from Facebook. We can provide rental units and technical staff onsite. We can also source low cost headsets for smartphones if you want to package a give away for your customers or maybe you are planning to have a large amount of headsets available on a conference. Just talk to us and we can arrange the rest.

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