21 Aug

Producers behind hit Reality-TV shows reveal the secret tricks they use to orchestrate crazy drama

Reality TV, TV

Outrageous, dramatic, instructional, and even touching reality shows have grown into a huge business in the past two decades. According to National Geographic Channel’s numbers, there were 350 new primetime unscripted series on cable television last year.

Clearly, interest in reality TV isn’t going anywhere, but critics of the genre are quick to dismiss these hit shows by calling them “scripted” or “fake.” “I’ve never worked on a scripted reality series. Good luck trying to get f—ing reality talent to do anything scripted, because they’re so difficult. So I don’t even know what that means, that accusation,” one producer of several reality shows, including Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise, told Business Insider on condition of anonymity.

“There is a cliché that the truth is stranger than fiction. And on reality, I have consistently found that to be the case,” Sean Dash, who has produced nonfiction series, including Discovery Channel’s “Bering Sea Gold” and “Deadliest Catch,” told Business Insider.

“I think the issue often is your viewer cannot believe what they’re seeing because it can be so ridiculous or so absurd, but it is actually, literally, exactly what had happened,” Dash said.

The issue often is your viewer cannot believe what they’re seeing because it can be so ridiculous or so absurd, but it is actually, literally, exactly what had happened.

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25 Apr

Thailand’s film production cash incentives proof a success: 239 Films shot in the first 3 months of 2017 already

Films, News

Thailand has made over 900 Million Baht in the first 3 months of 2017 January to March. This boost in income is partly due to the new incentive program that let’s foreign film companies get cash-backs up to 15% for productions with a minimum production value of 100 Million Baht.

Thailand targets now to make between 3-4 Billion baht in income from foreign film productions in 2017.

The most and biggest production teams came from Hollywood, generating 161 Million Baht, then closely followed by the UK with 160 Million Baht.

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07 Apr

Architectural Drone Photo & Video Service in Bangkok

Drone Aerial Photography/Videography

We provide both drone videos and photos in Bangkok and can also be hired around Thailand. We recently filmed a new Silo construction from a Belgian developer. The architectural project is located in Angthong and construction is in an advanced stage. We provided a last minute drone team on the weekend to film the progress for a company presentation. Equipment used was a Dji Phantom drone, all architectural drone footage was filmed in 4K, photos were taken in RAW. Besides the Phantom drones which are good for most jobs, we can also get more specialized drones such as the Inspire. Below, see some photos and videos from the Silo shoot:

Silo Engineering Bangkok

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15 Feb

Rabbit Finance Out of Home Commercial Shoot in Bangkok

Commercials, Out of Home (OOH), Production

Last week we shot 2 commercials for Rabbit Finance that will soon show on Out of Home Media around Bangkok, mainly on the BTS Skytrain video screens in all lines. This was a long day, 13 hours straight shooting but fortunately easy to work with a fantastic team!

Check out Rabbit’s car insurance search here.

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29 Jan

Foreign TV/Film Productions in Thailand on the rise – New Location Clusters Annnounced

Commercials, Films, Movies, News, Production

Thailand’s unmatched diversity of locations and scenery have helped it to increase foreign films shot in Thailand by 15% last year. China was No. 1 with almost 50 movies shot in Thailand in 2016.

The Thailand Film Ofice is now offering a group of 8 strategic location clusters to further boost film productions in Thailand.

Planning a film or TV production is relatively hassle free. Any production company coming to Thailand to shoot has to hire a local company such as us for handling all legal and production arrangements. We get all required film permissions, assist in getting filming work permits, provide top notch crew, equipment and any special requirements production companies might have.

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22 Dec

Asus Video Production with Binko for the Zen Fone 3 (Behind the Scenes)

Commercials, Production

Fun little web commercial shoot for Asus featuring their new Zen Fone 3 smartphone and Binko, a popular illustrator/artist from Bangkok. This production was done in interview style with 3 cameras and filmed completely at the Work Loft on Silom, one of the nicest designed and best equipped co-working spaces in Bangkok currently. Thanks to their management to accept our relatively big team for this shoot.

Watch the finished Asus web commercial here.

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22 Dec

Thailand Film Office Promotes 2017 Cash Incentives of 15%-20% for film productions in Thailand

Films, News

Targeting global film and entertainment markets, The Thai Film Office is travelling the world to push Thailand’s upcoming incentives program for large film productions in Thailand (which we previously discussed here) which will provide 15% up to 20% cash back incentives to foreign production companies shooting in Thailand.

The Thai Film office has presented the new program at 2 of the biggest film industry events in the world, namely the American Film Market and Conferences (AFM) event in Santa Monica, USA and the FOCUS 2016 event, taking place in London.

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01 Nov

Behind the Scenes: Last Empire War Z Viral Halloween Video / Bangkok

Commercials, Gaming, Production

Last Empire War Z is a hugely popular mobile game with tens of Millions of downloads across Android and iPhone platforms. We recently shot a viral video for them including some of Thailand’s most popular game casters and social influencers such as Sir Mikey TV, Steep Family, Hellgate Studio and MyMate Nate. We were also super happy to have 2 of the best Parkour runners based in Thailand on board with Alex and Spinboy from Asia Parkour. All in all, it was a super fun shoot and we have cut together a behind the scenes video that you can watch below.

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02 Oct

Behind the Scenes: Tic Tac Commercial

Commercials, Production

TV Commercial Production Service in Bangkok, Thailand 

Wrapped up shooting of a short Tic Tac commercial for TV. All was shot in a Villa in Central Bangkok. The final version of the commercial will be 10 seconds in length. Currently in post-production it will be ready and posted to our site in the next 4-8 weeks. Stay tuned!

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20 Jun

Why Thailand is one of the world’s best film locations

Films, Movies

The world’s best film locations

Fast Approvals:

If you are a production company and you are looking for a location to film an upcoming movie or video, then perhaps you should take Thailand into consideration. Unlike many countries abroad, Thailand’s fast and efficient government procedures makes approval for filming fast and less hassle. Approval to film in Thailand is given by the Film Board of Thailand formed by many government agency representatives. Their “one-stop” review is facilitated for filmmakers assuring faster approval given that all required documents and information is intact.

Geographical Diversity:

Thailand’s natural beauty is undeniably breathtaking. The beaches, jungles, and mountainous regions, makes Thailand diverse in geographical characteristics. Such diversity allows different scenery changes during film making and most areas are accessible through modern transportation. There are also several historical sites dating back to the Sukhothai and Rattanakosin era for an ancient atmosphere, while the Mekong River Basins synchronizes modern day living with traditional lifestyles. Thailand encompasses both rural and urban environments, making Thailand’s geography multidimensional.

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