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Bangkok Production Company is a full-service video production company based in Bangkok.

We produce viral video, web commercials, viral web content, social media videos, TV Commercial, Internet films, corporate videos and many other forms of video content.

Our team can also be booked for your corporate events and interviews, in and outside of Bangkok.

We can create Marketing strategies to distribute your video content. Be that through influencers, video ad networks, community pages our Out Of Home Media throughout Thailand. No need to involve another marketing agency, we can do everything in one-go.

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The world's best film locations

Fast Approvals:

If you are a production company and you are looking for a location to film an upcoming movie or video, then perhaps you should take Thailand into consideration. Unlike many countries abroad, Thailand’s fast and efficient government procedures makes approval for filming fast and less hassle. Approval to film in Thailand is given by the Film Board of Thailand formed by many government agency representatives. Their “one-stop” review is facilitated for filmmakers assuring faster approval given that all required documents and information is intact.

Geographical Diversity:

Thailand’s natural beauty is undeniably breathtaking. The beaches, jungles, and mountainous regions, makes Thailand diverse in geographical characteristics. Such diversity allows different scenery changes during film making and most areas are accessible through modern transportation. There are also several historical sites dating back to the Sukhothai and Rattanakosin era for an ancient atmosphere, while the Mekong River Basins synchronizes modern day living with traditional lifestyles. Thailand encompasses both rural and urban environments, making Thailand’s geography multidimensional.