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Video Production with Thai YouTube influencers

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Bangkok Production Company is part of iPlan Digital, the marketing and social media influencer agency, which was one of the earliest Thai influencer agencies in Bangkok. We have helped companies in verticals such as electronics, software, gaming, fashion, cosmetics to name a few to get the right influencers for their products and use their social klout to amplify your message into the Millions.

We have an especially strong network of Thai YouTube influencers. Some usage scenarios are:

1. You have a game app to launch in the Thai market and want the biggest Thai game casters on YouTube or Twitch to endorse and present your game to their Millions of followers.


We can provide our vast game caster network and manage all communications, planning and coordination and execution of campaign according to your time plan.

We can of course provide Thai YouTube influencers in other categories as well for your video production in Bangkok and around Thailand.

2. You are looking for a very specific profile of influencer (for example: you look for a “female influencer from a creative industry like fashion or design and who is an entrepreneur”) to be the main person of your campaign to promote a new laptop.

We can find suitable influencer candidates for your specific scenario and Thai influencers who have the amount of reach and social influence that you need.

3. You want to produce a web or TV commercial and are looking to use influencers that can directly boost your engagement trough the roof and to the right audience.

We can handle all in one complete package: idea development, storyboarding, Thai (YouTube) influencer scouting and contracts, location scouting or studio provision, crewing and production and post-production until the finished commercial.

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