Bangkok Production Company is a full-service video production company based in Bangkok.
We produce viral video, viral web content, social media videos, TV Commercial, Internet films, corporate videos and many other forms of video content.

Our team can also be booked for your corporate events and interviews, in and outside of Bangkok.

We can create Marketing strategies to distribute your video content. Be that through influencers, video ad networks, community pages our Out Of Home Media throughout Thailand. No need to involve another marketing agency, we can do everything in one-go.
Line production service Bangkok Thailand

Line Production Bangkok Thailand

Line Production in Thailand

We offer full line production services for your film production. We can be managing all key line production tasks of all operations for your feature film, TV production, TV commercial or any other video production that requires any kind of film personnel and managing of problems during production in Bangkok or anywhere else. We handle complete logistics of your film production from pre-production until completion of the production.

Line production is the term used in Thailand and generally in Asia for managing all production needs that you have. Outside of Asia you might be more familiar with the term of a production service company.

At pre-production stage, line production services include recruitment of film personnel and services. We plan ahead and decide on all start dates for everything while managing the budget in the lead up to the production. We facilitate everything for your commercial or film shoot including location scouting and handling of film permits, setup of art and construction work, props and props manager, cameras and camera crew, lights and lighting team, studios, casting, actors, stunt men, transportation and travel arrangements, accommodations and any other requirements set by our clients.

line production

Line production services also include:

  • Obtaining of any filing permits for your film shoot in Bangkok or other part of Thailand.
  • Application support and obtaining of visa for your team
  • Hiring of local crew in Thailand for your film shoot for the best rates possible
  • Finding and arranging of booking all equipments for any size film shoot including cameras, lenses, lighting, drones, etc.
  • Analyzing your script in order to decide on a budget and time frame needed
  • Organizing post-production
  • Planning and arranging shipments in and out of Thailand

During production, our line producer will handle all demands for equipment and all unanticipated changes in schedule. Line production will liaise between all members of the film crew and the producer. Our line producer will make sure that the production stays within budget and is completed within the agreed time frame.

line production thailand
Line production service Bangkok Thailand
line production bangkok
line production bangkok

Line production and fixer

Bangkok Production Company offers comprehensive line production and fixer services in Thailand for various types of film and video productions. As a registered coordinator with the Thai film board, we are legally authorized to manage production needs for international crews and apply for necessary film permits. Our services cater to commercials, films, documentaries, and more, ensuring a smooth operation from pre-production to filming.

Key services include location scouting, management, casting, visa and work permit processing, and providing skilled local crews. We boast a vast network of creative talent and state-of-the-art equipment, including cameras like Alexa and RED, as well as lighting gear. The company emphasizes their deep understanding of the intricacies involved in shooting within Thailand, offering logistical support such as transportation, accommodation, and translation services. Their expertise extends to navigating legal requirements, securing location permits, and coordinating with local authorities, ensuring compliance and efficiency. With a commitment to facilitating a seamless production experience, Bangkok Production Company stands as a valuable partner for filmmakers looking to capture Thailand’s diverse and captivating locations