Bangkok Production Company is a full-service video production company based in Bangkok.
We produce viral video, viral web content, social media videos, TV Commercial, Internet films, corporate videos and many other forms of video content.

Our team can also be booked for your corporate events and interviews, in and outside of Bangkok.

We can create Marketing strategies to distribute your video content. Be that through influencers, video ad networks, community pages our Out Of Home Media throughout Thailand. No need to involve another marketing agency, we can do everything in one-go.


239 Films shot in the first 3 months of 2017 already Thailand has made over 900 Million Baht in the first 3 months of 2017 January to March. This boost in income is partly due to the new incentive program that let's foreign film companies get cash-backs up to 15% for productions with a minimum production value of 100 Million Baht. Thailand targets now to make between 3-4 Billion baht in income

New Location Clusters Announced Thailand's unmatched diversity of locations and scenery have helped it to increase foreign films shot in Thailand by 15% last year. China was No. 1 with almost 50 movies shot in Thailand in 2016. The Thailand Film Ofice is now offering a group of 8 strategic location clusters to further boost film productions in Thailand. Planning a film or TV production is relatively hassle free. Any production company coming

15%-20% for film productions in Thailand Targeting global film and entertainment markets, The Thai Film Office is travelling the world to push Thailand's upcoming incentives program for large film productions in Thailand (which we previously discussed here) which will provide 15% up to 20% cash back incentives to foreign production companies shooting in Thailand. The Thai Film office has presented the new program at 2 of the biggest film industry events in

The world's best film locations Fast Approvals: If you are a production company and you are looking for a location to film an upcoming movie or video, then perhaps you should take Thailand into consideration. Unlike many countries abroad, Thailand’s fast and efficient government procedures makes approval for filming fast and less hassle. Approval to film in Thailand is given by the Film Board of Thailand formed by many government agency representatives. Their

Thailand to offer up to 20% rebates for film productions starting from next year This news came out of Cannes just recently on the 16th of May 2016. Thailand unveiled some major production incentives to the public that will make it even more interesting for production houses around the world to film in Thailand. Some of the big name productions that were filmed in Thailand in previous years were The Hangover Part

Movies filmed in Thailand Thailand's rich film history started with the first film shown in Thailand called Parisian Cinematograph in 1897. This opened the eyes of Thais to a new world where they now realized that the film industry has become a part of the world. It wasn't until about the 1850’s where movie theatres have come into play in Thailand and expanded greatly after the 1900’s. After this period in time