Bangkok Production Company is a full-service video production company based in Bangkok.
We produce viral video, viral web content, social media videos, TV Commercial, Internet films, corporate videos and many other forms of video content.

Our team can also be booked for your corporate events and interviews, in and outside of Bangkok.

We can create Marketing strategies to distribute your video content. Be that through influencers, video ad networks, community pages our Out Of Home Media throughout Thailand. No need to involve another marketing agency, we can do everything in one-go.
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Sound Mix & Sound Design

Sound Design / Mixing & Mastering

The importance of sound in video is often overlooked, but the importance it has to the overall video quality is obvious. Although video is often considered a visual medium, if you mute the sounds or remove the sounds completely, you then realize how much videos depend on audio to convey emotion and the aid telling the story as a whole.

Good sound design, editing and scores can make a decent video, TVC or film phenomenally successful, just as bad sound can derail it from its success. Sound techniques and manipulation are often used to convey the mood of a scene and physiologically manipulate the audience’s emotional response to the video. For example, you can add a sense of foreshadowing just with the sound choice like those used in thriller or horror movies.

Our expert sound engineers can improve the sound of a sequence by adding and manipulating audio elements using our large sound effects and music library. We can also add narration to relay your story or message, or adding custom original music, or additional voices. Our talented sound engineers have experience in sound design for a wide range of productions such as:


TV ProductionsWeb VideosCorporate Training Videos
Social Media ContentDocumentariesRadio Shows
MoviesMusic VideosTutorials

Audio PosT-Production Services:

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & mastering that takes your project beyond average sound design that you find so often these days. We can mix any type of production for you and make sure that your video creates the right emotion among your target market.

mixing mastering
sound design music composition synthesizer

Sound Design

Let our sound designers elevate your commercial production to the professional level that it deserves. In the age of thousands of mediocre online videos, good sound design can really make your product stand out. 


No matter if we mix SFX for a commercial, viral film or online content, rest assured that we will find the right balance between a great viewer experience and overdoing it. We use our own creations, or Foley, as well as have access to the largest industry standard sound libraries that are used in anything from online productions up to Hollywood movies. 

sfx audio effects
recording voice over


Our post-production facilities include an audio studio that allows us to record anything from voice-over to instruments and foley. Apart from our own productions, our post facilities can also be rented if you are looking for a laid back place to do your post-production in Thailand.

Composition / Music

Let us create the perfect soundtrack for your video. If you do not have an idea yet we can help you creatively to create something unique and fresh for your production. We can also license music or use a catalogue of already licensed music for your productions with any rights that you require.

music composition

Our talented sound engineers have a keen ear for sound quality and they will carefully design and incorporate the sound to match your video theme, mood, and message. We can create an emotion inducing video with one of our services, but not limited to:

Voice-OversSpecial EffectsSound Editing
Sound PolishingRecordingStereo & 5.1 Surround Mixing
Sync Sound Recording on LocationDialogue Clean UpsADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

Audio Breakdown

Breakdown 1

Breakdown 2


A professionally edited video isn’t complete until the music and audio is mastered. Mastering is an essential part of the post-production process and we can mix and master any audio to give it a more professional delivery. We are also able to master to any specifications such as TV channels, radio or online. Each video will be given the utmost attention so the audio is clear, appealing, flows with the content and matches the required specifications. Our audio masters will polish your video sounds creating cohesive audio in your video’s entirety. Some of the steps taken during audio mastering includes, but not limited to:

Volume Adjustment Volume Stabilization Background Noise Reduction
Audio Flaw Editing Audio Sound Lucidity Audio Track Equalization
Stereo Width Adjustment Ambience Insertion Peak Limit
Dynamic Range Control Audience Comprehension