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Up to 20% rebates for film productions in Thailand

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Up to 20% rebates for film productions in Thailand

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Thailand to offer up to 20% rebates for film productions starting from next year

This news came out of Cannes just recently on the 16th of May 2016. Thailand unveiled some major production incentives to the public that will make it even more interesting for production houses around the world to film in Thailand.

Some of the big name productions that were filmed in Thailand in previous years were The Hangover Part 2, The Beach, several James Bond movies and many others. Read this films article to see what big name movies were produced in Thailand.

Thailand has a long film history, both in country productions as well as providing locations to foreign film productions. Thailand will not start offering 15% cash rebates to all in-country spending in any production. These rebates will become effective starting next year in 2017. Every production with a minimum production value of 1.5 Million USD will automatically qualify for this promotion. If a local Thai actor is hired for the lead role of the movie, there will be an additional 3% rebate on top of that and if the movie is promoting Thai tourism there will be another 2% rebate on top of that which will bring the total possible rebate to 20%.

The news were announced by General Tanasak Patimapragorn, the acting deputy prime minister of Thailand and chairman of the National Film and Video Committee.

Thailand has always been a popular destination for foreign film productions for its abundance of beautiful locations, vibrant city of Bangkok and the high amount if skilled film crew in the country which makes setting up a production fairly easy here.

These incentives could be a game changer. They will not only attract small productions but will almost certainly attract more big budget and higher quality studio film productions from all over the world even more than before. Thailand already has the best, most skilled film personnel in the region and this will definitely help to further boost and increase the quality of film productions in the country.

Last year, Thailand was already able to increase the amount of films shot in the country by 15%, lead by China that shot almost 50 films in the country in that year. The future looks bright for Thai film productions company.

photo credit: Thangaraj Kumaravel