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We produce viral video, viral web content, social media videos, TV Commercial, Internet films, corporate videos and many other forms of video content.

Our team can also be booked for your corporate events and interviews, in and outside of Bangkok.

We can create Marketing strategies to distribute your video content. Be that through influencers, video ad networks, community pages our Out Of Home Media throughout Thailand. No need to involve another marketing agency, we can do everything in one-go.
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Film Permits Thailand

Thailand Film PErmit Application

To shoot a film in Thailand, foreign filmmakers must engage a locally registered company approved by the Thailand Film Office and the Office of Tourism Development (such as us). This local service provider acts as the official representative for the foreign filmmaker, handling all essential filming permits. Additionally, they assume responsibility for representing the film production company in any issues that may arise during and after the shooting process within the country.

For the film permit application you have to prepare different documents, providing all the details about your TV, feature film, documentary or commercial project such as:

  • Storyboards
  • Scripts
  • Scene by scene descriptions (for commercials)
  • Wardrobe choices
  • All locations and location permits for them
  • Crew details of all people coming to shoot to Thailand
  • etc.

These are some of the most important details to be provided in order to get a film permit in Thailand.

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    Next Step: Apply for film visa & work permit

    Once the film permit has been issued, the next steps are then to get a film Visa and work permits for people coming to shoot to Thailand. The film permit itself does NOT automatically give you a Visa or work permit. This is a separate process.


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