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Location Scouting Thailand

Location Scouting & Location Permits

Location scouting is the unsung hero of the entertainment industry—finding the right place between aesthetics, logistics, and legalities. As filmmakers, we dream of capturing the perfect scene, but it’s the location scouts who transform those dreams into reality..

What is Location Scouting?

Location scouting is more than just finding a pretty backdrop. It’s about discovering the soul of your TV show or film—the place where your story breathes. Whether it’s a gritty urban alley or a sun-kissed meadow, each location contributes to the narrative. Our location team is experienced working all over Thailand and with teams of all kinds of sizes and types (TV commercials, film, TV shows, reality etc.) We have a lot of existing knowledge and are able to recommend and propose locations before the scouting starts.
We can fully support you in pre-production phase, not only including location scouting but also in all other aspects required.

Why Is Location Scouting Essential?

Especially in Thailand, it is essential to have a local team on the ground for finding and clearing locations. Every place will require permits, either from private owners/companies or from the responsible district office in Bangkok or any place in Thailand.

Besides this, for many locations that are outside, the Thai police needs to be involved as well. For example for any location that require to move around in a larger area, or on streets or maybe we need to block traffic somewhere.


Authentic locations ground your story. Think of “Game of Thrones”—the majestic landscapes of Ireland, Croatia, and Iceland transported us to Westeros. Authenticity matters.

Visual Impact

Locations set the mood. Before a word is spoken, the audience feels the vibe—the grandeur of a castle, the intimacy of a coffee shop, or the eeriness of an abandoned warehouse.


Can the crew access the location? Is there enough space for equipment? Location scouts ensure practicality, avoiding last-minute surprises.


Different places have different rules. Permits, licenses, and contracts—location scouts handle the bureaucratic dance, ensuring a smooth shoot.

Cost Efficiency

The right location saves money. Less set construction, fewer alterations in post-production. Plus, permits prevent costly disruptions.

Time Efficiency

Scouts work against the clock. They know when the light hits just right, when the tide aligns, and when the neighbors won’t complain.

The Scouting Process

The more information you can give us the better our location team can work and propose the right locations faster.
Some parts of what our location team will do is listed below:

Tips for Successful Location Scouting in Thailand

Start Early! Begin scouting as soon as the script is finalized. Time is your ally.

Locations are one of the essential parts to have cleared to even start the process of applying for film permits for yoru shoot. At that point, a full list of all locations is needed with a time schedule. As location scouting can take a while, this should be started as soon as possible.

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