Lighting Team

Lighting Crew

A production isn’t complete without an excellent lighting crew. Our lighting crew work and set up lighting equipment such as lamps and special effects equipment in order to meet the lighting quality necessary to ensure a top notch production. Our lighting crew are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of different lighting techniques, effects, and overall safety procedures. While natural lighting is always best, mother nature cannot always guarantee the best lighting, this is where our experienced lighting crew comes in. They will not let a gloomy day dampen the production. They will use the proper lighting to brighten the scene, giving your production a more professional look. Our lighting crew includes: Chief Lighting Technician (Gaffer), Assistant Chief Lighting Operator (Best Boy), Generator Operator (Genny Operator), and Lighting Technician (Sparks). All members of the lighting crew have an important role in the lighting production. Every lighting crew member require the following knowledge and skills: from Bangkok Production

Expert knowledge of all equipments Many years of experience in lightong for TV and film productions
Ability to travel across Thailand Good communication skills
Ability to stand at long intervals Comfortable at high heights

Hire our experienced lighting crew for your production.