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Movies filmed in Thailand

Thailand's rich film history started with the first film shown in Thailand called Parisian Cinematograph in 1897. This opened the eyes of Thais to a new world where they now realized that the film industry has become a part of the world. It wasn't until about the 1850’s where movie theatres have come into play in Thailand and expanded greatly after the 1900’s. After this period in time because of the greater interest in film watching by many people, the film industry has become more reachable for normal people due to higher demand and lower prices. This development was only accelerated when the first Thai film came out. This movie was called Chok Song Chun or in English term, Double luck. Even though the film was a silent film, it was the first step to a great film industry in Thailand. The big step in the film industry with the adaptation of sound came in 1927 where Thailand adopted the Vitaphone system, a technology from Hollywood. Today, Thailand is a nation with very advanced equipment in the film industry and some of the most sought after film destinations worldwide. Many big name productions were filmed in Thailand film locations and the country has a huge amount of talented technicians and artists in the film industry due to great film schools and technology advances. One of the most important reasons why Thailand is a country of many foreign film productions, is because of the geographical beauty and details the nation holds. Because Thailand is rich in natural resources that attract millions of tourists yearly, such as the wonderful beaches, mountains, religion and the party scene of the never ending nightlife in Bangkok. Below we have collected some of the interesting movies that were filmed in Thailand, either partly or fully. As of today, the biggest production ever to be filmed in Thailand as a film location was The Hangover 2.