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Phantom 4 Drone by Dji

Phantom 4 drone hire in Thailand

Phantom 4 Drone
One of the drones we have available in Bangkok and also available for rent across Thailand is the Phantom 4 from Dji. The Phantom 4 drone comes up with some of the most outstanding features. Undoubtedly, the Phantom 4 is one if the best DJI drones that they have ever developed. You can rent this drone in Bangkok and all over Thailand together with our experienced drone pilot and aerial drone filmer. Each series of DJI’s Phantom is easier to fly, but this latest Phantom 4 has many advanced features and requires an experienced operator, otherwise we’d run risk of crashing it. Drone aerial video filming and photos shooting in Bangkok and Thailand falls under several regulations. The DJI Phantom 4 drone is light enough though to be in the under 2kg category and therefore doesn’t need any special permissions.

Bangkok Production Company provides drone survey, monitoring and 3D mapping service and we also provide teams for commercial and movie productions with any kind of drone and camera setup that you need. If it exists, we can get it in Bangkok.

This smart Phantom 4 drone comes up with a new feature of camera, which allows you to take outstanding aerial images . You can not only take photos from it, but also it can avoid obstacles by making you aware of them. This feature of DJI Phantom 4 drone makes it unique from the others. The twin front facing optical sensors see the obstacles automatically and in case if there is something in the way of DJI Phantom 4, it will stop it so we can fly it around Bangkok, Thailand safely.

The TapFly mode enables you to tap your screen of iPhone or iPad so that you may move in a particular direction. And in order to continue flying, you may tap elsewhere on the screen. Thus, the TapFly mode lets you fly with just a tap of finger.

We can also track a moving subject through the help of visual tracking feature of DJI Phantom 4 Drone. We can keep the camera pointed towards the moving subject in order to track it. This tracking uses advanced visual tracking capabilities to fully automate tracking so that we can get the perfect shot every time.

All the previous series of Phantom drones have always lacked the obstacle avoidance and more advanced computer vision that will allow the drone to follow any object. But this new series of DJI Phantom announced the front facing cameras that will prevent it from hitting walls, trees or any other object. Now you still definitely need an experienced pilot as you would not be able to fly it properly and get the right video shots of Bangkok or other Thailand location without it.

Also, the Phantom 4 includes the most exciting feature of ActiveTrack that would keep the camera focused on a specific subject by tracking its continuous movements. Even the appearance of Phantom 4 is “wow”. Besides, it has better battery life and makes the rig more portable, all advantages for your aerial video production as we can get more footage during one drone run as with otherwise drones.

Moreover, the Sport mode allows you to let the Phantom 4 fly as fast as 45 miles per hour making flying even more fun and exciting. However, long flight times can give you more time to fly which in turn means more video footage per each drone flight that you book for Bangkok on other location in Thailand. It is possible through a large capacity battery and a high efficiency design that gives you more than 28 minutes of flight time, especially when flying without any satellite support. This effortless long flight is all up to 24 satellites plus advanced Positioning systems. Thus, the Phantom 4 knows where it is, where you are and flies exactly where you tell it to.

Another main feature of DJI Phantom 4 drone is the professional quality imaging. You can shoot 4K video at 30fps, full HD 1080p video at up to 120fps for crisp slow motion, and 12 megapixels photos in DNG RAW for full editing creativity.
Hence, Phantom 4 makes the best of all.

Phantom 4 Drone

Features and specifications:

  • Full 4K video at 30 fps
  • At 1080p resolution, up to 120 fps which allows for super slow motion video
  • 12 megapixels photos
  • Almost half hour drone flight time
  • Object tracking
  • Rentable in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand together with our professional operator and aerial filmer.

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