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ARRI Alexa Xt 4:3

  /  ARRI Alexa Xt 4:3

ARRI Alexa Xt 4:3 Camera Body

Arri Alexa Camera Body, Arri SD (ASD-1),

Center Camera Handle (CCH-1), Handle Extension Bracket
Electronic Viewfinder (EVF-1), Levelling Block (LB-1),
Shoulder Pad (SP-4), DTE Module,
5 x SxS Pro Card 32 GB, 3 x SxS Pro Card 64 GB
4 x V-Mount 14.8 v. Battery Pack, 1 x V- Mount Quad Charger,
3 x 24 v. 12 amp. Battery, 1 x Battery Charger
Clip On Mattebox 4” x 5.65” Support Rods (19 mm.),
Bridge Plate BP-12 Set Bridge Plate Adapter (BPA-1)

ARRI Alexa Xt 4:3 Camera Body rental service in Bangkok, Thailand

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