Reality TV Show Production Thailand

Reality TV Show Production in Bangkok and Thailand

Have an interesting story to tell in front of the cam? Got the idea for the next big reality TV hit? Thailand has always been a popular destination for TV and film productions and this has been boosted even more in recent years with the addition of big cash incentives by the Thai government. More info here.

Do you think your life or business story or idea deserves to be aired in a reality TV show?
We are a boutique production company in Thailand and based in Bangkok. Our experienced international and Thai team has worked on many big name TV and Film productions and we understand the special requirements of a reality TV production. We can help you in creating a budget and plan everything for you from start to finish.

called X, capable of filming, editing, and airing and promoting of course, all these elements that will make you shine like the star that you are. We can work with customers from all over the country so no worries about reaching out to us to work about your project. We are able to implement interesting and unique reality show ideas and cater to your needs anywhere you are in the country. Our expert filming crews and production team can make you reality show dreams simply a REALITY!

Just contact us so we can “cook” together something that could become the next reality show sensation across the nation and abroad. We have the skills and experience to take your concept and develop it into something really awesome so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your idea.